Online Betting Guide: A Brief Note

There are betting guides available online for different games and the limitations differ in each game. These limitations and guides are mentioned in the betting structures. An online betting guide has the following structure:

  Fixed Limit Game The bets are raised for a pre-determined amount which can be increased later for a different betting. The number of raises and the amount both are fixed. Beginners to an online betting guide must start with the tabled limit. In this, there is a limit to how much you win and lose.

  Take Note In some poker rooms, betting starts with only two players. In such cases, there is no limit to the raises permitted. You can keep raising chips till one of you run out of it.

  Spread Limit Game Any amount within the spread limit can be bet for. For example, if the spread limit is $2 to $10 then it means you can open and raise any bet within the range. Raises however must be as big as the previous bet. This rule stands for all forms of betting and poker in the online betting guide.

  Pot Limit Game In poker, the raise must be for an amount higher than or equal to the previous amount. In pot limit game, the raise is double the size of the pot.

  No Limit Game As the name suggests, you can bet or raise for as much amount as you wish whenever you want. It is very easy as there are no rules or limits here. Since there is no limit the player moves quickly and is on toes while playing. 

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