Moneyline and Asian Handicap – Two Methods, Two Ideologies

Usually the moneyline is the opted method to post odds in a soccer match. You have 3 betting options. Either you bet on the home team (counted as 1) or you bet on a draw (counted as X) or you bet on the guest (counted as 2). The game at the end of regulation time is the final wagering outcome. Extra time doesn't count. If you bet on a tem and the game ends in a draw, you lose. Needless to say, draws are quite common.

Bookies came up with another method of betting known as the Asian Handicap to avoid losing wagers in a draw as ties are lesser in that part of the world. In this bet the draw option is completely dropped unlike the moneyline method. Thus, if the game ends in a draw, you get your money back. The method has its pros and cons too. As there's no draw option, the odds against the teams are also not lucrative enough. Surprisingly, propositions are listed with the spread along with the moneyline.

Therefore, it goes without say that your desire for winning big goes in tandem with the possibilities of the moneyline betting. If you are a safe bettor and don't want to lose much money, go for the Asian Handicap; but then don't expect big bucks!

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