Ready, Steady, Get Set Bet!

You may want to wager your horses; for that you need to be smart and keep your eyes open. The basic rule is keeping your monetary safety in mind. Bet an amount you can afford to lose; the rule of thumb being 2% of your bankroll. You have to come up with a value line to make better track decisions. Your preference for contending horses is important regardless of the handicapping system you use. Use your imagination to foresee the course of the race. Nobody can say for sure which horse will bring in the bucks. However, instinct plays an important role here.

Make sure not to fall for hearsay. Keep the tote-board in mind and let it determine the final moves. Never panic and bail yourself out of a situation. It's quite possible that you may lose in the beginning. Don't lose your mind and get aggressive. Always keep your bankroll protected. Remember, you've to keep your wagering options open. Otherwise you have to look for those exotic horse wagers. After all, profits can come from anywhere even when your bet has been surpassed. The key to a good bet is a plan well prepared beforehand. Keep the chosen horse racing system your guide. The strategic mind is always at an advantage. Favorites can be misleading. You must be able to clearly make out whether a horse is fit to be the favorite. 3 to 5 races is a good number to concentrate on when looking at one track.      

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