Sports Betting Bonus And The Types

A common betting bonus is 'new account' bonus which is earned when you register with a bookmaker or betting exchange. Thus you can legitimately only earn this once per bookmaker. Today's betting exchange software is quite sophisticated and can track multiple bank account registrations so don't try to cheat them.

Another common bonus is 'deposit bonus', which is earned by depositing money at a betting exchange site. Some offer a 5-10% on the deposit amount regardless of the size while others pay a bonus if you deposit a certain amount or they may offer a 20% deposit bonus upto a certain amount. The next type of sports betting bonus is 'pure betting bonuses where a punter is given a bonus if they play a certain amount. Another bonus asks a player to wager in a designated area or make a certain type of bet to earn a bonus.

There are more types of betting bonuses than mentioned here and betting exchanges and bookmakers keep coming up with new types to keep punters hooked. Pick your favorite bookmakers (maximum 3) and follow them closely to avoid missing promotions, but always remember to read the small print especially when winning.

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