Beating The Odds Utilizing Runline Bets

If you like to place wagers on baseball games, it is always a good idea to bet on the underdog. This is based on the fact that even the best baseball teams lose forty percent of their games. This means you have better odds of winning big if you choose the underdog. In order to balance it out, change your bets regularly between your favorite team and that of the underdog.

If you want the best of both worlds meaning you have good odds on your personal team and the underdog, you need to practice runline betting. The standard runline is to wager 1.5 runs. This basically means that when you bet on a favored team, they need to win by a couple or more runs for you to have a winning wager.

There are of course some risks involved when betting on a runline but gambling wont be gambling if there aren't any risks? In this method, you are actually putting at risk less money in order to profit more. This is the reason why it is perfectly logical to place a wager on a good team by using the runline method.

As in any endeavor, you need to exercise some caution. Especially if the game is tied at the bottom of the ninth inning. The odds here dictate that there is only a seven percent chance that the favored team would win by more than one run.

Be sure to look into the overall picture of the entire game. The rationale is the lower the total, the better the chances that the favored team would win by just one run.​

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